Wedding Rings for the Groom 28 February 2018

As a Jeweller one of my favorite jobs would have to be making wedding rings for Brides and Grooms to be. It’s a pleasure to be involved with these happy occasions. Recently I have been making some interesting rings for grooms who wanted something a little less traditional.

Here are some examples of the unique, handmade commissions I have created..

Constance Isobel. Silver Mens wedding ring.jpegConstance Isobel Gold and Silver textured wedding rings .jpegconstance isobel rose gold wedding ring.jpegConstance Isobel. Handmade wedding rings.jpegConstance Isobel. silver wedding rings..jpegconstance isobel gold wedding ring.jpegConstance Isobel. silver wedding ring.jpeg

I love to use textures in my jewellery work, I create these by using a variety of hand modified hammers. By marking the hammer head with lines and patterns this then directly imprints onto the chosen metal.

My Hand Modified 'Texturing' Hammers.

Every ring will have a unique pattern & texture making all of my handmade pieces one of a kind.

If you would like to contact me about wedding rings please send me an email to