York Open Studios 2019 1 April 2019

6, 7, 13 and 14 April 2019

10am - 5pm

Constance Isobel, Three Rings. 2019

I am pleased to be taking part in the annual York Open studios exhibition again. For this years show I was invited to exhibit alongside Chris Utley, A well-established potter who has been living and working in York for many years.

Chris Utley, 2019

We will be showing our unique handmade work from Chris’ welcoming home where her studio is in Holtby.

You are invited to come along & visit us, to view our Jewellery & ceramics and meet the makers. I’ve been working on some new pieces especially for this exhibition and will be looking forward to hearing what you think of my new designs.

There are over 100 artists taking part in York Open Studios 2019 so getting around these can be a bit of a task. However, each artist is listed in the Y.O.S programme with a venue number. Each venue number is clearly marked on the map that can be found at the back of the exhibition programme. Chris & I are listed as venue number 38.

This year three artists in total are exhibiting in Holtby village including myself, Chris Utley (venue 38) and Hannah Arnup at Arnup studios (venue 37). We will be open each day from 10am until 5pm.

We look forward to seeing you!

Christmas at the Family Jewellery Workshop 5 December 2018

This year my Jeweller & Silversmithing mum (Jacqueline Warrington) and I decided to have a Christmas Jewellery show at our family workshop in Buckton, East Yorkshire. We both thought that it would be nice opportunity for all of our lovely customers to see where we create our work whilst perusing our individual & festive Jewellery displays.

Our Christmas show gave our visitors a glimpse of the tools and equipment that we both use to create our unique pieces. We had both made many new & exclusive pieces to add to our collections especially for this Christmas show.

With a good supply of homemade mince pies and mulled wine we had a merry/very busy day.

We wanted to say a big thank you to all of you that came to visit us in our workshop. We hope to open up again next December with more unique, handmade pieces.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas,



Jeweller Of The Month - Pyramid Gallery, York 8 June 2018

Pyramid Gallery, York.

July - September 2018.

It was a great pleasure to have been asked by the team at Pyramid Gallery to be their 'Allure Jeweller of the month'.

My handmade jewellery is now on display in the shop window on one of Yorks finest streets, Stonegate.

To make it even more special I'll be sharing this opportunity with my Jeweller mum, Jacqueline Warrington. This mother & daughter jewellery display will be at the gallery until September. Featuring many new pieces all of which are completely handmade and unique.

Do make a trip or call in of you're passing by, Pyramid gallery is full of contemporary, British made Art and craft work. Well worth a visit.

Pyramid Gallery with a Minster view.

My Jewellery will be in the shop window & inside the gallery for these Summer months.

Re-modelling Jewellery. 28 March 2018

Recently I have taken on a few commissions using precious stones from my customers Family jewellery.

Diamond Ring with Gold Handcarved leaves. Constance Isobel.

Family jewellery can be full of sentiment & history. It can often be passed down through many generations along with the special stories that come with it.

This diamond ring (pictured below) has been in my customers family for three generations but like many items of old, handed down jewellery it had been unworn for a long time. I was asked to use the beautiful centre stone to set in one of my own unique designs.

The diamond is beautifully cut in a ‘cushion’ style/shape. I decided to make the setting from 18ct gold to keep an interesting, modern contrast against the silver band and to compliment the diamond.

Diamond Ring with handcarved Gold Leaves. Constance Isobel.

The hand carved leaves and granules either side of the setting are a variation on a theme that generally runs through my collection. Nature is a huge source of inspiration for my jewellery making and I love to reveal this in my unique handmade pieces.

Its very satisfying to transform an unused item of jewellery into something contemporary & unique that can be worn & admired everyday. This Diamond has now been gifted to the great granddaughter of its original owner. To be worn & treasured in its modernised state until she may decide to hand it down again.

If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact me via email on constanceisobel@gmail.com.

For information on where I will next be exhibiting my Jewellery please follow this link.

Diamond Ring, handmade by Constance Isobel.


Wedding Rings for the Groom 28 February 2018

As a Jeweller one of my favorite jobs would have to be making wedding rings for Brides and Grooms to be. It’s a pleasure to be involved with these happy occasions. Recently I have been making some interesting rings for grooms who wanted something a little less traditional.

Here are some examples of the unique, handmade commissions I have created..

Constance Isobel. Silver Mens wedding ring.jpegConstance Isobel Gold and Silver textured wedding rings .jpegconstance isobel rose gold wedding ring.jpegConstance Isobel. Handmade wedding rings.jpegConstance Isobel. silver wedding rings..jpegconstance isobel gold wedding ring.jpegConstance Isobel. silver wedding ring.jpeg

I love to use textures in my jewellery work, I create these by using a variety of hand modified hammers. By marking the hammer head with lines and patterns this then directly imprints onto the chosen metal.

My Hand Modified 'Texturing' Hammers.

Every ring will have a unique pattern & texture making all of my handmade pieces one of a kind.

If you would like to contact me about wedding rings please send me an email to constanceisobel@gmail.com.

Garnet, a gemstone for January. 28 January 2018

The given name Garnet is derived from Latin “granatus” meaning seed or grain due to its likeness to the rich red seeds of the pomegranate fruit.
I love to incorporate this gemstone stone within my handmade jewellery. I find the deep lustrous colour perfectly compliments both gold and silver metal work.

Garnet is widely recognised as being red in colour however it can be found to be pink, green and even black. This variety of colour is because of a difference in chemical composition found in the crystal forms.
Garnet is rated a 7-7.5 on Mohs' scale of mineral hardness. This strong durability has provided us with a deep history of the stone. With jewellery artefacts in our museums dating as far back as the bronze age
I often use birthstones in my jewellery work. Garnet is January’s given birthstone.
Throughout history many have believed this stone to hold medicinal powers. In medieval times the stone was worn to protect its wearer against poisons, wounds and bad dreams.

I recently purchased these dainty baguette shaped garnets specifically for my new jewellery designs and I can't wait to start using them to make a new collection of handmade rings.

Constance Isobel - worksho