Re-modelling Jewellery. 28 March 2018

Recently I have taken on a few commissions using precious stones from my customers Family jewellery.

Diamond Ring with Gold Handcarved leaves. Constance Isobel.

Family jewellery can be full of sentiment & history. It can often be passed down through many generations along with the special stories that come with it.

This diamond ring (pictured below) has been in my customers family for three generations but like many items of old, handed down jewellery it had been unworn for a long time. I was asked to use the beautiful centre stone to set in one of my own unique designs.

The diamond is beautifully cut in a ‘cushion’ style/shape. I decided to make the setting from 18ct gold to keep an interesting, modern contrast against the silver band and to compliment the diamond.

Diamond Ring with handcarved Gold Leaves. Constance Isobel.

The hand carved leaves and granules either side of the setting are a variation on a theme that generally runs through my collection. Nature is a huge source of inspiration for my jewellery making and I love to reveal this in my unique handmade pieces.

Its very satisfying to transform an unused item of jewellery into something contemporary & unique that can be worn & admired everyday. This Diamond has now been gifted to the great granddaughter of its original owner. To be worn & treasured in its modernised state until she may decide to hand it down again.

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Diamond Ring, handmade by Constance Isobel.